Jupiter Effects in Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara (2016-17)

jupiter durmukhi nama samvatsara 2016-17Jupiter (Guru) is Dhanyadhipati (cereals) for Vedic New Year Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara (2016-17).
Prices of roots (cultivated underground without exposure to sunlight) like onions, potatoes, garlic, Loban or Gum Benzoin, groundnets (peanuts) and others like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spices, sesame seeds and its oil will be high.

Food donation will increase and hunger deaths will be reduced considerably in many poor countries.
Adulterated drinks and food will create health hazards.
Obese people will increase. Fitness centers, gyms, yoga, aerobics, fat reduction surgeries like liposuction will be in demand.
Sand and Mining Mafia will rob few states of asian countries.

Infants and Kids will suffer from adulterated food and milk.
People into businesses related to raw material used in constructions like sand, bricks will make huge profits this year.

Many small time investors will be made bankrupt suddenly by stock markets.
Sensex can touch 30,000 during 2016-17.
shares of Banks, Pharmacy and I.T companies will be good.
Gold rate will be stable and increase slowly by 2017.
Germany, China, USA, Greece, Italy economies will not improve.
More names of Indians having secret swiss bank accounts will be revealed this year.
Fake currency will increase in India, even throught Banks and ATMs.
Israel will face ISIS attacks through air.
Terrorist groups will recruit more unemployed youth in asian coutnries through social networking.
Bangladesh, Myanmar youth will be caught trying to work for secret organizations.

This year (2016-17) will witness flight crashes in small countries like Singapore, UAE, Thailand, Hongkong, Malaysia, Pakistan.

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