Mercury controls Speech, Analysis, Tact, Logic & Relations

Speech is signified by Mercury in Vedic Astrology.
Speech is also defined as Fire Element (out of 5 natural elements : PanchaBhoota) in our body.
It can make or break relations. Talking in excess can also lead to loss of vital energies.
Ancient Indian seers used to practice silence and complete control over speech, so that whenever they speak (less), it actually converts into action and happens !
Irrespecive of Mercury (Budha)’s ownerships or placement, if it is weak or conjunct malefic planets, the native lacks logical thinking, analytical capabilities, sense of humour, good speech etc.
Strongly placed mercury helps to read others minds, ability to reach people at multiple levels, good writing ability, quick calculations, good in mathematics, accounting etc.

Effects on Speech by Mercury placement in Horoscope

Mercury and Speech in Astrology

  • Mercury, when debilitated in Pisces (Meena Rasi), can make a native speak selfishly and express low level throughts, which can degrade native’s image in society.
  • Retrograde Mercury can make a person act very intelligently at one time and also foolishly at other time.
    Sometimes, they can talk so much nonsense that they lose respect.
  • If Mercury is stationary or placed in final degrees of a zodiac sign, native can have short term memory losses, argue without logic and then repent, unable to remember answers during examination but recollecting them later, shout when cannot debate, brain hemorrhage etc.
  • If Mercury has very less points (2 or even lesser) in its placed sign in Ashtakavarg chart, then native does not have confidence to speak loudly. They blabber within themselves or remain dumb.
    Few kids are born with defects in vocal chords.
  • Mercury conjunct Mars (Kuja) can make a native talk aggressively and provoke others.
    They can abuse verbally and even get very descriptive. Most of their talk leads to fights.
    If they participate in a debate, usually they divert the topic by getting personal.
  • Mercury conjunct Rahu makes them talk senseless, dig up someone’s past and divert the topic when they are failing in a debate, shout loudly to prove their point and in the end make fun of themselves.
  • Mercury conjunct Saturn will make them use more energy to speak. Usually, they get tired after speaking for a while.
    Stammering, lack of confidence in speech is also observed.
  • If Mercury conjunct Ketu, they remain silent but never take their silence as defeat.
    They talk less but when they open mouth, their words can shut others forever !
    These people can close the entire argument with one sharp sentence. Ketu can make a native either dumb or remain silent for long period.
  • Mercury conjunct Sun (most common in many horoscope, mistaken as Budhaditya Yoga) does not make them a good speaker.
    But if Mercury is not combust, i.e more than 14 degrees away from Sun(12 degrees when retrograde), not retrograde and also not under influence of Rahu or Ketu, then Budhaditya yoga applies to some extent.
    Under such conditions, native impresses others through knowledge, speech and writings. Will be good in mathematics, accounting, Tarka-Sastra (Logic), suitable for marketing, banking, writing etc.
  • Mercury conjunct or aspected by Jupiter makes them highly knowledgable. They can learn multiple languages. Intellectuals (real, not promoted) in society, policy or law makers, motivational speakers have this combination.
  • Mercury conjunct Moon can have a weak and volatile mind. Sometimes judgement can be clouded. Depends on who among Moon and Mercury is stronger, either mind or tact will win.
  • Mercury conjunct Venus is good for people who work in glamour industry. They can also be dermatologists, beauticians, wedding planners, fashion designers. If Venus is weak, they can work in saloon, spa etc and live with frustration assuming that their talent got wasted.

Mercury also controls our skin and nerves. Badly placed Mercury can also cause suicidal tendencies.

To cure and avoid all types of speech related problems, chant this mantra 1108 times.

aSEsha vAgjADya malApahAriNi navanavam spashTa suvAk pradAyini:
mamaihi jihvAgra suranga nartaki bhavaprasannA vadanE chamE Sree: ||

Mercury also controls friends, relations (mostly maternal side) and these can be well maintained, only when we speak well.